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This is created mainly for me to keep all recipes in a place where I can easily access and search. I enjoy baking and some are a hit that people asks for the recipes. So, I made this for your benefit and mine, but mostly for me. The recipes contained herein are obtained from websites, cookbooks, and from friends which became my own personal favorite.

Thank you for sharing your recipes with me!

- Joanne

1) Get a scale to weigh ingredients. It makes it easier to adjust recipe.

2) Aluminum pans are the best.

3) To adjust cake recipe to your pan size see Link Here

4) Best butter brand: Natrel, Foremost.

5) Brown sugar: Demerara, Best Brown Sugar.

6) For the times you need whole milk but have none.

7) Save lemon zest: rub with a little sugar and wrap in saran wrap and keep in the freezer for future use.

Reference: measurement